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The Tahn Door Story

At Tahn Door we believe in sharing the vibrant tradition and history of Indian cuisine by giving people access to delicious, freshly prepared Indian food in a unique environment. Our mission is to expand Indian food in North America and share the story behind the flavours and techniques used in this cooking and culture. 

When a customer walks in we want them to feel comfortable and excited about ordering, whether it is their first time trying Indian food or if they were raised on it. We are here to provide our customers with whatever they need to place the perfect order and enjoy the perfect meal. Using only the freshest and most vibrant ingredients, we have developed consistent cooking techniques that ensure our customers have the same experience time and time again. You can count on us to make it right every single time and we invite you to come in and to find your perfect Tahn Door experience. 


See you soon,

Tahn Door Team

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